The Momentum of Church and Art: Reflections on the Loop of Resurrection

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By Mandy Hinkle

For more than three years, I’ve been actively involved in Saddleback Visual Arts (SVA), a community of Christian artists who are committed to Gather, Grow, and Give. In 2015, I saw the world of the arts and the world of faith unite in transformational ways. Our most recent Easter art installation, the Loop of Resurrection was inviting, inspiring, and innovative. The Loop represented Jesus Christ on the Cross by means of hundreds of red and white zip-ties that church members and guests were invited to enhance.

Loop of Resurrection

Saddleback Berlin’s Loop of Resurrection in progress.

The Loop of Resurrection was Inviting:

The Loop of Resurrection was for the businessman who came by on his lunch break.  It called to the dedicated volunteer who was transitioning between church services.  The Loop of Resurrection was for the curious child who urged her parents to investigate this mysterious configuration.

The Loop was for artists, to remember the first time they were invited to create or perhaps a portal to memories of rejection, fear, and even failure, now restored.

It was for people of every age.  You can hand someone a zip-tie whether they’re three or 93-years-old and whether they are a confident artist or not. To that person saying to themselves “I’m not an artist,” now you’re creating. How Inviting!

The Loop of Resurrection was Inspiring:

The number of volunteer hands that sculpted the Body of Christ and the surrounding structure was a marvel. We’re talking about volunteers – not paid artists. Some of our committed SVA artists took time off from their jobs or added an extra 5 hours to their 8-hour work days to bring the project to life. They’re the real heroes of this venture!

Thousands of other participants helped us transform this piece into a beautiful work of art that gave life to these words:

When we are in Christ,

We get looped into

The miracle of His mercy,

His redemptive death,

His powerful resurrection,

His eternal glory, and

His transformative community,

Known as the Body of Christ.

I call this truly inspiring.

The Loop of Resurrection was Innovative

The commonness of the elements and the uniqueness of the concept formed the most innovative and interactive art installment our church has ever seen. From the creative minds of brilliant artists like Marius Ancuta from Saddleback Berlin and Steven Homestead from Saddleback Lake Forest, this creative brainchild was born. The Loop of Resurrection shows us a glimpse of the artistic creations that can emerge from The Church of the future.

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