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It was in a passing conversation in 2011 that Rick Warren asked Saddleback Communications Director, Jim Dobbs, “What are we missing here at Saddleback?” Jim replied, “Do want my honest answer?” Rick nodded. “I think we’re missing the visual arts.” Not long after, Saddleback’s leaders stepped out in faith to provide the basic resources necessary for a culture of visual artists to thrive. Saddleback Visual Arts was born.

So, why the visual arts? There are many things that could have answered that “What’s missing” question. Countless artists, especially those of faith, are seeking to have a greater voice, role, and place in their communities. We believe that if the church does not shape itself to nurture artists, we flatten our ability to share the awe and beauty of God with our communities.

Saddleback Visual Arts is community that disciples, equips, and sends-out artists that better understand their calling, influence, and impact. This transformational creative community makes the Bride of Christ more beautiful and gives the world a better understanding and view of God.

Jason Leith

Former Arts Initiative Director

From 2012-2024 Jason Leith built Saddleback Visual Arts alongside dozens of passionate leaders. Sacred Streets is an ongoing project of his which seeks to share the stories and unveil the sacredness of the people and places on the margins of society, specifically the unhoused of Southern California. He received an MA in Global Leadership with an emphasis in Art & Theology from Fuller Seminary and a BFA from Biola University. Connect with him through the icon links below.

Today the community is led by several leaders and volunteer leaders who ensure artists are connected to community, growing spiritually, and have opportunities to serve with your creative gifts as an artist in the church.

Jim Dobbs

Vision & Community Outreach

Teri Shagoury

Residency Director

Steven Homestead

Inter-Ministry Collaborations

Jose Lozano

Artist Display

Katherine Leith

Community Building

Jay Smith

Strategic Planning

Michelle Lum

Community Arts

Judith Blanchard

Studio Hosting

Dan Long

Strategic Planning

Rochelle Pellicer

SVA Anaheim


Our Purpose, Mission, Values and Vision for Saddleback Visual Arts

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Saddleback Visual Arts is a community-focused arts initiative within Saddleback Church.
This is a center for artists to come together and serve, using our individual creative talents to speak as a
collective group and spark imagination, connection, and illumination.