Join The Community


The easiest way to be involved is to come to one of our events. There are a variety of arts-related
events offers something for everyone, no matter your expertise or artistic interest.


Through Teams, we group together to serve in the arts where we are most interested and gifted.
No matter who you are, there is a serve team for you.

Offer your specific skills as a qualified artist.

Create art pieces for direct engagement or participation.

Select and install local artwork and design spaces.

Prepare the space and welcome people coming to the studio.

Capture and share creative culture through various media.

Create and maintain important structures for our ministry.


Our Leadership team is comprised of those who have a heart for this community,
come with significant skill or experience in arts, and want to step into a position of influence.

Receive hands-on training with staff members and arts professionals.

Lead a Team – Be a Mentor to this community – Teach Skills Classes.

Featured Artists of SVA


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Saddleback Visual Arts

1 Saddleback Pkwy

Lake Forest, CA 92630


Saddleback Visual Arts is a community-focused arts initiative within Saddleback Church.
This is a center for artists to come together and serve, using our individual creative talents to speak as a
collective group and spark imagination, connection, and illumination.