Call for Art on Homelessness and Poverty

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We’re calling artist to create work that speaks about poverty and homelessness for the month of January (Poverty in America Awareness month). The pieces will speak to the issues and awaken an audience to see and love in a new way.

Exhibition of work: Arts Collective, Thursday January 20 at 7PM at Saddleback Lake Forest.

We will also feature your work on our @SaddlebackVisualArts Instagram page.

If you are sharing your art at this show, please e-mail the image or media to [email protected] by Monday January 17th so we may approve it to be brought to the show. Artists will bring artwork to Saddleback LF (building TBD) on the day of the show and we will have easels and tables ready for display.

Concepts for Creating Arts about Homelessness and Poverty

Video training on “Making Art about Poverty & Houselessness”



  • Speaks about true identity
  • What does the redeemed/restored world look like?
  • What broken systems need to be seen/called-out?

Homelessness / poverty attached to so many issues:

Caused by and worsened by:

  • Abuse in the home
  • Lack of proper Mental Health care
  • Over-incarceration in the US
  • Race-motivated convictions, lead to jail time, contributing to joblessness
  • Drug addiction and substance abuse stemming from trauma
  • Government fumbling with solutions and abusing homeless
  • Climate change and pollution disproportionately affecting the poor.
  • COVID causing greater job loss
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