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So you want to draw eyes on Easter? Here are some resources and things you should know.

Project Concept:

Art prints of spring flowers and plant life symbolizing resurrection (made by Ex Creatis artists) will be available for people to choose from before and after Easter services and have their very own eyes drawn overtop of. They will sit for their drawing with an artist stationed around the campus and have their eyes integrated into the flower image (5 minute drawings). They will get to take this piece of artwork home with them as a new symbol of how they have been risen with Christ and live a vibrant new life with him now and into eternity.

“Our bodies are buried in brokenness,”

But like plants in spring,

“They will be raised in glory.” 

1 Cor. 15:43

You must be up to speed with drawing eyes and be able to do it quickly and accurately. You must be approved before being able to sign up for being a drawing artist on Easter Weekend.

Criteria For approval:

  • draw eyes from observation
  • Draw on a flower print
  • Draw eyes in under 4 minutes
  • Integrates well with the picture
  • Good color choice with print
  • Overall technique
  • Jason will be approving all artists for this project.

Times For Approval:

Here’s a great slide from our Eyes Drawing classes




Missed a class or want to see the slides again?

Download Entire EyesClasses.PDF



Download just Tips + Tricks EASTER EYES slides for PowerPoint


Download + Print Final Flower Prints to practice your drawings on!


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