Easter Art Submissions

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Now Accepting Art Submissions for Easter 2015:

Every year, artists of our community gather and create an unforgettable art piece for everyone in the public to see or be a part of. This Easter 2015 our project is titled “Eyes of Easter” we are going to have multiple artists stationed around Saddleback’s Lake Forest campus before and after the services. Congregants will be able to wait to have their very own eyes sketched over a beautiful print of flowers or vibrant plant life.

We are asking YOU to create 1 of the 4 versions of these flower pieces that people will be able to choose from to have their eyes drawn on top of. Each chosen submission will be formatted for a high quality art print from which we will print up to 1000 copies with your name on it to be used for this Easter weekend project.

The flowers and/or plant life are to symbolize the new life, the resurrection we see every spring time after the dead of winter. Drawing a person’s very own eyes juxtaposed with these lively, blooming flowers will help that person to directly associate themselves with this resurrection that Easter is all about. It is a symbol of new life, which they will then get to take home with them to remember the new life they are living in Christ. Here is a verse from scripture that gives light to this symbolism. The Apostle Paul tells us that within our own gardens we can find a beautiful illustration of what resurrection looks like. He says,

You plant a “dead” seed; soon there is a flourishing plant. The dead body that we bury in the ground and the resurrection body that comes from it will be dramatically different. The corpse that’s planted is no beauty, but when it’s raised, it’s glorious. The seed sown is natural; the seed grown is supernatural—same seed, same body, but what a difference when it is raised up in spiritual immortality!

1 Corinthians 15:35-44 (MSG)

The Top 4 Submissions will be considered for this project!

Submit to [email protected] by Thursday February 26th at 11:59 PM

[infobox] Necessary Art Specifications:

  • Must be ready for a 11 in. wide x 14 in. tall full resolution print
  • Portrait Orientation
  • 3300×4200 pixels. 300 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • Central composition of plant life
  • LIGHT or white background. Low contrast.
  • No large fields of dark, opaque values
  • Happy, Lively feeling
  • No drips. (Drips = sadness when paired with eyes!)
  • DO NOT include eyes in your submission. (will be drawn in by artists on Easter wknd.)
  • Any medium welcome ie: painting, drawing, digital design, photo, collage. But final submission will be a digital image.
  • **Optional: You may submit your sketches and ideas to receive feedback before actual submission date.[/infobox]



The above sample composition demonstrates the kind of good composition and value your art should have.

  • It is central and clustered.
  • uses MORE THAN ONE flower. Its a group of plants and flowers
  • portrait orientation
  • It uses vibrant colors that communicate new life.
  • It has a light background. It does not have a lot of dark values in the plant life.
  • This is for composition, but create in any style you want!
  • (*Blur effect added to focus on composition details. Do not blur your artwork.)

Submissions Due on Thursday February 26th at 11:59 PM.  Submit by emailing your image to [email protected]

Attach the image of your art in the email. If file is too large, submit through a large file transfer program, such as WeTransfer.com

Questions? email [email protected]

Here’s a rough example of where eyes will be drawn in the composition by other artists on Easter weekend


eyes pink eyes green

(images below are not sample compositions, only for style and inspiration)


rene gagnon urban flowerFlower 3graffiti-flowers-street-art-free-caseygray-com-page-4-graffiti-flowers-street-art-free-hd-photo-gallerygraffiti-flowers-street-art-free-art-images-collection-graffiti-art-graffiti-flowers-street-art-free-hd-photo-gallery-836x470
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