Document, Collect, Create: A Workshop with Denise Weyhrich

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Document, Collect, Create

with Denise Weyhrich, Artist in Residence

Workshop Video

  • Denise is an artist, curator, and teacher
    • MFA, Syracuse Univ., New York
    • ‘94-‘03 Chapman’s Founding Graphic Design Program Director
    • Founding Partner & Curator – SEEDS Exhibits

Collecting as means to create For Denise:

coming from the heart of a visual communicator finding voice, making a statement AND…

  • Out of need
  • Out of ordinary
  • Out of a need to be authentic
  • Out on a need to make marks in time
  • Out of recycling
  • Out of daily stuff of our lives…(ie medical stuff…)
  • Of the moment/reactions/emotions of the heart & spirit…


  • GROUP Q: what do you encounter/do each day that would be your “marker”? (think it as mileage posts along a road of your daily life)


Documenting as means to create:

So much is going on that is of Biblical proportions on our lives and global history- we long for normal, we long for a rhythm of normal life, a pattern, a way to reach out, make a difference, have a meaningful life in isolation


  • GROUP Q: How do you document/create/make stuff…? 


Denise’s Work: 

  1. Photos: Salt Shakers “Beacon”
  2. Communion cups “Tabernacle”
  3. “Trifle” – live
  4. Lost Gloves – live (& invitation to join)
  5. Rocket ships & tears (in progress) – live


  •  Often I need to Ask for advice, techniques, materials…
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes, redo’s
  • try multiples before you create limitations.

III. Putting it all together: YOUR GROUP PROJECT 

  1. Looking around your place, what can you collect? document? & find as a media to create? Again there are no “NOs” in art, explore!
  2. Your viewpoint will make it unique. That consistent or inconsistent viewpoint will make the collection hold together. Maybe it is a Macro zoom or micro zoom stuff, pallet range limitation or textural, TIME limitations…
  3. What in your life can become a marker of your days in isolation?
  4. What can you be passionate about in your day and record in a way that speaks to you & uses your gifts in form/image making?
  5. Example: if each day you have a beverage, you take a simple photo or drip a few drops on a paper. Like Jewish Seder meal, or perhaps for each of your family in prayer…


  •  Breakout Group Q: What do you do daily that could be daily markers and your means to visual communication?


  • Denise’s current project via coronavirus reactions: “Casting Crowns” 
  • If you would like your community to be included, please Feel free to take a page from your local paper, fold an airplane in prayer and fly it -place in mail to Denise


  • Conclusion
  1. Pray for direction
  2. Play with a few ideas see where it leads to
  3. Record daily
  4. Post on instagram – 7 day series +/-
  5. 1 month return to the group virtual exhibition!


How To Share Your Work

  • Post your photos and Videos on #DocCollectCreate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Email to [email protected] and we will share progress at a follow up 
  • Follow up Zoom meeting on May 2 at 10 AM

Meeting ID: 787 303 242

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