A Poem on Gathering by Erik Peterson

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The following poem was written by Erik Peterson in response to the culminating gallery exhibit for our recent artist in Residence, Mandy Hinkle:  

The foyer is empty and invisible

Like a proud and humble butler

Waiting to greet her honored guests

All arrangements have already been made

Come in, you are welcome to stay


We filter in

Passing through a veil

The former day

Into this anticipation


The table is set in the Upper Room

We sit and remember

Share stories of the beauty

All the shades and colors

Of what it means to get together


Silent reverence makes way for praise

Glasses to clink, as if to say

Join us in our toast, all you humble hosts

Join us, you yet served in the next home

Join us, oh birds to sing of the world’s mirth

Join us, oh Three where our hearts go in thirst

Join us and cheers, we thank-fully drink!


Then stories and voices grow dim

When dessert enters the room

His presence commanding a different set of speech – nods of heads and murmurs of a delightful rebellion

Without words we agree as eyes twinkle and meet


We evolve through the night as if years have passed


Deliriously we linger in the overgrown kitchen

Happy chatting, and naked swimming in leftover aromas of sourdough and soufflé

Like teenagers we giggle and bustle


We’ve all grown younger


And yet it’s time

In a tired happy daze

Each of us slowly sails away back into the night

Back into the cabin

Before we see the day’s light

And on rising

We’re awake and alert

Grateful for the friends we meet

On this vast open sea

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