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Open Studio

Open Studio is an unstructured time for you to simply work on your individual projects amongst the community of artists here. Basic tools provided for your use, free of charge. Art forms range from all types of fine art, visual art, design and construction, to writing, to music, and more. There will be a Studio Host present at all hours to help you introduce you to the studio and help you with anything you may need or have questions about.

Saturdays 1 – 6 PM

Come and go as you wish!
No Registration Necessary


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Open Studio is not a class of any kind. There are other designated times that we teach technical skills in the arts, But this event is simply open space amongst community for you to work on your own art practice. Sometimes it can be helpful to informally learn from others around in the studio, but Open Studio is not built for teaching. Subscribe to our email list to be aware of learning opportunities.

The basic use of this space and these materials is free and for your usage, made possible by the funds donated to our SVA through Saddleback Church. We DO however charge for use of our canvases, clay, or if you need a very large amount of material (ie: a whole pad of paper, or a whole jar of paint). Please talk to the Studio Host in these cases.

We can provide you with basic supplies for drawing, painting, ceramics, construction, and graphic design. This includes, paper, canvas, easels, graphite, charcoal, oil paint, acrylic paint, spray paint, easels, paintbrushes, collage material, basic manual and power tools, hardware. We have a ceramic throwing wheel, a kiln, and slab roller. Clay provided along with basic clay sculpting tools. We have computers for designers to use adobe design programs and along with pen tablets. We also have a photo backdrop for photographers in white, grey and black.

You must be 16 years or older to come to the studio on your own. If you are under 16 years old, you will need to come with a parent that closely supervises you. Our program is built and catered for adults. For children that need supervision, you are welcome to bring them as long as you can be the one responsible for their care and they do not cause a disruption in the space.

Open Studio is a great way for artists of all levels to work together, teach each other, and learn from one another. It is a great environment for you to come and experiment with something you have never tried before but would like to dive into. We have several artists who would be more than happy to engage with you on whatever you are trying for the first time and would like instruction on.


Arts Collective

This is a time and space for artists and creatives to meet one another, be built up in our creative lives, and hear about how we as a group of creatives can use the arts for purpose and transformation in our community.

– Talks from Arts Leaders
– Group Discussions on Art and Faith

Community-based Art Projects

6:30 – 9:00 PM
Every 3rd Thursday of the month

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