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“Loop Of Resurrection” was created by SVA to represent the body of Christ. It was produced in Berlin and Orange County during Easter and was the first known human forms ever sculpted out of zip ties. Over 3,000 people added their own zip tie loops, each tie representing a life looped into Christ and His Church.

Project Concept & Lead: Marius Ancuta

OC Project Leads: Steven Homestead, and Mandy Hinkle

Marius Ancuta
Flavia Ancuta
Johannes AncutA
Katrin Koch
Feli Langstrumpf

Steven Homestead
Mandy Hinkle
Jason Leith
Sheeva Lotfian
Claire Allsbrook
Zack Schuster
Desiree Hernandez
Lan Pham
Miya Smith
Assistant Artists:
Kerry MacKelvey
Julie Christy
Margo Allsbrook
Amy Underwood
Kyle Richardson
Michelle Lum
Meg Shaffer
Victoria Walters

Michelle Thune
Dan Long
Hollis Chiu
Steven Homestead

VIDEO BY: Grave Garden


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