Exhibits Team

Join the Exhibits Team

Select and install local artwork and design spaces.

The Exhibits team transforms the spaces on our campuses to make the church into a place that reflects God’s creative soul through exhibits and public art. Together, we find great artists, decide on show themes, prepare show elements, and install these works of art.

The Exhibits team also looks at spaces around campus, indoors and outdoors, that need attention and design. You may help us come up with design solutions for a space or find artists who can paint a mural or create a sculpture to bring a space to become a better reflection of the creative God we serve.


Designing indoor/outdoor spaces
Installing artwork
Technical skills
Measurement with basic tools
Creating labels and plaques
Cataloguing of artwork


Attention to detail
Team collaborator

Frequency: Monthly Upkeep to Quarterly Gallery Exhibits


Through Teams, we group together to serve in the arts where we are most interested and gifted.
No matter who you are, there is a serve team for you.

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Offer your specific skills as a qualified artist.

Create art pieces for direct engagement or participation.

Select and install local artwork and design spaces.

Prepare the space and welcome people coming to the studio.

Capture and share creative culture through various media.

Create and maintain important structures for our ministry.


Our Leadership team is comprised of those who have a heart for this community,
come with significant skill or experience in arts, and want to step into a position of influence.

Receive hands-on training with staff members and arts professionals.

Lead a Team – Be a Mentor to this community – Teach Skills Classes.


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