Art Gallery Grand Opening Recap

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Opening Night of the new Saddleback Art Gallery! We had about two hundred people come out to see the new space as it is newly filled with breathtaking paintings and photographs. This space will show new work every 2-3 months, with this current show being up through January.

Each of these visual works have been paired with a piece of poetry ranging from five-hundred-year-old Latin chants, to T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets, to new poems written by local poets. Several of the images have been left without a poetry piece and instead invite the viewer to respond by writing their own poem. If they put the hashtag #3in1poetry with their poem and picture and post it, it is aggregated on the gallery screen.

The works in this exhibition were born out of personal experiences of the artists seeing the Spirit of God permeate through the thick veil of everyday life. Brooke Anderson, Jerome Gastaldi, and Larry Cohn have come together in this exhibit exploring the divine nature found in stunning landscapes of light, physical patterns in nature, and everyday domestic interiors.




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