Ex Creatis is Now S V A

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Ex Creatis is shifting identity to be called SVA | Saddleback Visual Arts! We are excited about this shift for 3 reasons:

  1. Our purpose is to bring creativity to the church, so our name needs to include our church, Saddleback.
  2. It gives clear focus in the Visual Arts where we were originally commissioned.
  3. This focus pushes us towards deeper  partnership with our whole church, leaning on other creative departments for things like music, film-making, and writing.

We’re the same group of artists, continuing to reflect God’s CreativeSoul in his Church body, but we are going deeper and wider as we launch forward! Check the video here to listen to our director, Jason Leith share more behind this new identity.


Here is the dream for SVA:

It is the dream of becoming a center for the arts in Orange County known for our purpose-driven creative movements as more artists become empowered in their art and faith through the support of the Church.

It is the dream of a space where artists and creative people of all kinds will congregate to deepen their faith, discover hope, and receive love as creative people.

It is the dream that the artistic expression represented on our campuses would breathe awe and wonder into our congregation and even push forward the broader cultural conversation.

It is the dream of a ministry with a developed set of tools to grow artists further into maturity. This will be done through SVA Membership program that educates artists on the foundations of being an artist and a believer, an SVA SHAPE Class to help artists discover their creative calling, and an SVA Leadership program that empowers artists to serve by directly leading their fellow artists forward.

It is the dream of a visual arts community that has robust classes, gatherings, and ministry opportunities for all kinds of visual media. It is the vision of tight collaboration with Saddleback’s other creative departments such as Worship, Global Broadcast, PICS, Story-Telling, and Food Services to create a dynamic creative culture in our church.

It is the dream of blessing and multiplying Saddleback Ministries with the power of the arts. We envision bringing Healing Thru Art into Saddleback Counseling, Mental Health, and CR programs – providing healing to thousands through artistic expression, working with the Local and Global PEACE Plan to build into churches and reach the lost, and develop a Kids Art program to help young creatives develop their God-given creativity through their early years.

It is the dream that this creative movement would spread to other churches so that we may more clearly reflect God’s creative soul to the world.

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