Journey To Saddleback Visual Arts

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By Scott Shin

Until I found Saddleback Visual Arts, I never thought of myself as an artist.   I didn’t know how to mix paints, I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life and I could hardly mold a ball out of playdough.  I’m still not great at these things.  So why would someone like me be a part of SVA, the arts ministry at Saddleback Church?    

It started with a desire to find a space for creative ideas in business and ministry.   Artists are full of creative ideas, and I thought that being around them would help me think creatively.  Indeed, I did find and experience creativity.  But what began as a search for creativity turned into so much more.  It took me on a journey of building community, going on missions, witnessing healing through prayer and seeing lives changed.  That’s where I found the true artwork of SVA–in the lives that have been changed.  

This ministry has helped so many people find beauty through the way they gather, grow and give.  In witnessing this firsthand, I’ve learned to see the beauty reflected in me as God’s unique work of art.  In turn, I hope to awaken the beauty in you through sharing some of the amazing things I’ve witnessed through Ex Creatis and inviting you to come along on the journey.

Scott blogs for Saddleback Visual Arts and writes about ministry and life. You can find him on FB | Twitter | Intsa Facebook  Twitter 

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